President, All India Ophthalmological Society 1987
There was definitely a need for such an Institute for alternative medicines & you have been able to fulfill it.
My sincere appreciation & congratulations & wish the institute all success.

Dr. B. T. Maskati.

M.S, D.O.M.S., F.I.C.S. (Ophthalmology)

Addl. Prof. of Ophthalmology, MGIMS, Sevagram.
It is interesting to learn that you have established an eye research institute for alternative medicine. I wish the institute all success in scientific eye research.
Modern medicine (allopathic) is still in the quest of finding satisfactory preventive & curative modalities for the diseases that you have mentioned in your circular. If Ayurveda or Homoeopathy have some answer it would be interesting to us to learn about them.

Dr. V. R. Venkatramanan.

M.S. (Ophthalmology)

Ex. Dean Homoeopathy, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.
Ex. Principal, D. S. Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune.

I visited the institute and was very much impressed by the effort this institute is taking for the research in eye diseases.
The documentation of the research work on various diseases of the eye is very impressing. I wish the institute all the best wishes for progress and success.

Dr. P. S. Kumta.

Ph. D. (Hom.)

Director, Eye Research Centre & Retina foundation, Ahmedabad.
I am interested in role of alternative medicine in ophthalmology specially for conditions which are not amenable to allopathic approach.

Dr. P. N. Nagpal.

M.S. F.A.C.S. (Ophthalmology)

President, LHERF – MIT, Pune.
For the first time I could exactly understand the documentation facilities utilized by Dr. Sandeep Sathye especially for eye problems. The depth of knowledge, investigations, research supported by valid photographic advanced techniques and the treatment basically newly discovered homoeopathy medicines, are certainly Monopoly, Indigenous, Result producing Personal innovative, time-induced basic individual earning of Dr. Sandeep.

Dr. R. N. Shukla

Ph.D. D.Sc. (Scientist)

Professor & Guide, S.K Hom. Medical College, Beed.
Dr. Sandeep Sathye has done basic homoeopathic clinical research work in ophthalmic cases. He has done scientific study and documented cases well.
This kind of research is really expected in homoeopathic field. This work is addition to science.

Dr. Pralhad Wadgaonkar.

M.D (Hom.)

Medical Director & Vitreo-Retinal surgeon Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, Mumbai. India.
It is indeed a pleasure to know that your institute is doing scientific research on eye diseases & have collected a variety of eye information. The people in Pune city will definitely benefit from your institute. My best wishes to you & to all your staff at your institute for this venture.

Dr. S. Natarajan.

M.S. (Ophthalmology)

Director of Ayurved (Rtd.), Maharashtra State. Ex. Dean Potdar College Hospital, Mumbai.
I have visited Sathye Eye Research Institute on 27. 11. 2005. Dr. Sathye have explained and shown the whole institute. To my mind this is unique work done by doctors from alternative medicine. I appreciate the effort they have taken to develop this institute. I wish all the best & hope this institute will be pioneer in the field of ophthalmology.

Dr. S. B. Joshi.

B.A.M. & S (Ayurved)

Prof. D.S. Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune.
Dr. Sandeep & Sudhakar Sathye have done excellent work in the field of ophthalmology by using Homoeopathy & Ayurvedic medicines. They have proved that the cases which are not curable by allopathy are amenable by homoeopathic treatment.

Dr. S. M. Jain

B.H.M.S. (Hom.)