Sathye Eye Research Institute For Alternative Medicines

Salient features of institute

Institute was established on 10th October 1999 in Pune at 1st floor Mahilashram building, 244 Narayan peth, Laxmi road, Pune – 411030.

Thereafter 2nd branch was started at Sinhgad road in Pune, on 2002

Institute is involved in doing eye research work with alternative medicines like Ayurved and Homoeopathy. Assessment of patients is done with the help of modern equipments and under guidance of experts, so as to have a scientific documentary evidence to know medicines efficacy.

Facilities for research

•  Eye examination Chair Unit.
•  Slit lamp Biomicroscope with a CCD video camera for photography.
•  Web camera for external eye photography and video shooting.
•  Keratometer to measure corneal curvature for Myopia research.
•  A Scan Biometer to measurement eye axial length for Myopia.
•  Auto-refractometer for Myopia research.
•  Direct Ophthalmoscope for examination of retina.
•  Indirect Ophthalmoscope for examination of retina
•  Indentation Tonometer to measure Intraocular pressure (IOP)
    for Glaucoma research.
•  Applanation Tonometer to measure IOP for Glaucoma research.
•  Auto Perimeter for examination of visual fields in Glaucoma research
•  Lens box / Distance & Near vision charts for Vision testing.
•  Ishihara chart to check the Colour vision.
•  CAM Stimulator to give ocular exercise for weak eye.
•  Lensometer to check spectacle number
•  Schimer’s & Fluroscein Strips for conjunctival & corneal diseases.
•  Digital camera with HD video facility for ocular photography.
•  Computer with video grabbing card for ocular Photography.

Future Plans

Institute wants to own a separate three storied building that has different ophthalmic superspeciality departments with different diagnostic equipment facilities for research on first floor, while on second floor there will be a medical museum having a display of our research work and on top floor a seminar hall with a library facility.
Institute wants to purchase more diagnostic equipments for research purposes so that various investigations can be carried out at affordable price to a common man.
Institute wants to appoint optometrist, ophthalmologist of various specialties.
Institute wants to affiliate to University for a post graduate research institute and to collaborate with research institutes to do research in ophthalmology with Ayurved and Homoeopathy.

Donations given to institute are exempted under 80 G Income Tax Act 1961.